IBM strives to secure drone activities with the help of blockchain

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September 21, 2018 by
IBM strives to secure drone activities with the help of blockchain

IBM has been exploring new ways to implement blockchain technology to its products and services. The growing number of promising blockchain undertakings is a definite thing to keep an eye on. In line with this progress, IBM is now a patent applicant for a system that employs distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The technology will help the tech giant to resolve issues pertaining to privacy and security linked with the growing number of drones that are used for commercial and entertainment purposes.

The patent application details how a blockchain ledger could come in handy for saving data of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights. This will help airspace controllers and regulators monitor the increasing number of drones hovering above the heads of citizens everyday.

To keep a check on these drones, their illegal activities and accidents, the blocks will be storing data related to the location of the drones, their flight patterns that would also monitor if the drones are entering the restricted areas, information of the manufacturers, model number, information of weather and any unusual activity.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the document on Thursday. Documents show that it is not the first time that IBM has applied for the patent. The company had filed the patent application initially in March last year.

The authors of the patent application said: “The chain can be considered a chronicle of a UAV’s path through time. When a transaction is conducted, the corresponding UAV parameters are sent to one or more of the computing nodes in the system for validation. The one or more computing nodes establish a validity of the transaction and generate a new block. Once the new block has been calculated, it can be appended to the stakeholder’s UAV blockchain. Among many other advantages, the use of a blockchain infrastructure helps in identifying misbehaving UAVs by multiple parties and such activities are recorded in an immutable ledger.”

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